Who we are

We are Creative Graphics Group Florida, LLC - a team of like-minded, Christian people who seek to provide a variety of graphics-related services to companies and individuals. We think differently. We create based on dozens of years of experience for each person on the team. We are located throughout the United States - we provide services across time zones, and are more interested in working with the best team members, rather than who is local. We seek to work with those who value honesty, hard work, and interaction along the way.

What we do - our mission

The short version: Digital video production, custom graphic work for broadcast & print, and 3D printing. We're passionate creators!

We've been in the computer graphics industry for a long time, and we have to admit: It's been a while since we've been so excited about 3D Printing technology. Consumer-level "additive manufacturing" (aka, 3D printing) was already set to increase into 2020. But, with the entry of highly effective / low-cost printer availability, the desire to print COVID-19 related masks and related materials, and the fact that most people are now working from home and looking to invent and create new items, the industry has exceeded previous projections. (To the point where some manufacturers couldn't match supply to the demand of the times.)

We are taking this opportunity to pivot our resources, and focus on the gap that's been created by this shift:

Our mission is to build a community of the most talented individuals in the 3D Printing industry, teaching them so that they can avoid the typical frustration and steep learning curve that thousands before them had to endure, and empowering them to continuously improve their skills. 

Having experience in creating content for dozens of years across nearly every medium allows us to create learning resources and partnerships to help you learn in ways previously unavailable. We deliver help no matter how you prefer to learn: reading step-by-step articles, watching videos, or instructor-led / hands-on.

Our tools

  • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Audition
  • 3D Content Creation
    • Blender
    • 3DS Max
    • Maya
    • Fusion 360
  • Slicing & GCode Generation
    • Cura
    • PrusaSlicer
    • Simplify3D
    • LuBan

Our methods

First of all, we tend to stand out in a crowd. We're different (in a good way, we hope!). We want to provide you with the most value, even if it means we have to over-deliver. We believe in:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Valuable deliverables over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan

If that sounds a little familiar to you, then congratulations! You're likely an agilist too! (Yes, we've based it on the agile manifesto...)

What makes us different

This company pays 10% of our income to tithe. We also do not work on the Sabbath day (See Exodus 20:8 - Friday night sundown to Saturday night sundown). We believe this helps us recharge, and provide better services and products to you!

We are also a fan of grass-roots community building. We want to hear from you, and take your input into consideration for everything that we do. We're here to help provide value to your individual needs.