The 3D printing community has really stepped up in a big way, to help first responders, hospitals, doctors, nurses, and others in critical need to find face shields and masks, which are impossible to purchase commercially.

We want to give praise to all of those who are spending a ton of their own time, money, and resources to provide this service. While we're all affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic in one way or another, many have asked themselves "what can I do to help?" Here are some examples that I personally know of:

  • Many people have printed face shields non-stop on all of the printers they have.
  • Some have spent hundreds of dollars purchasing their first 3D printer, just to help this cause.
  • Others have added several printers to their "3D print farm" just to increase throughput.

Whatever you're doing, we want to make sure people understand the sacrifice of time and materials you're making to make someone's life better, or possibly even save the life of a stranger.

Thank you!

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