Multicolor LED Light SaberStand w/Remote + Voice Command

Custom made SaberStand for your own saber! Possibly the most over-engineered SaberStand available!  


  • Powered base (adapter included
  • RGB LED lighting (millions of vivid colors available)
  • IR Remote 
  • Voice command via Alexa and Google

 Issue commands such as "Alexa, turn the saber stand on", or "OK, Google, turn the saber stand green". Super fun and you can change it based on your force identity...


The adapter connects at the rear, right corner of the stand (rubber grommet installed). There's a "hidden" area on the left where the IR sensor can "see" the remote commands. Has 3M adhesive, silicon feet on bottom. Internal supports for your heavier metal sabers.  

Plaque Inset: This model is built to hold a standard adhesive metal plaque (size: 3.5" x 1.5", typically aluminum). (Many people already have one included after being autographed.) We like the plaques made by BlueDogDisplays. (Customer image shown)

SaberStand with plaque


Professional grade light diffusion installed at top of stand so the LED's look better than others. No more light pin spots, and the colors are even more vibrant!

SaberStand blue   SaberStand green   SaberStand purple  

Standard Finish: Painted with automotive-grade 2K black paint with a 2K gloss clear coat. Similar to your car's finish, the surface is hand wet-sanded and polished for a highly glossy, very protective surface.  

Optional Finish: Beskar chrome, weathered "steel", etc. Please contact us for these options, as they are highly customizable. Photos available.

Item Details

  • Handmade and designed by us
  • Materials: 3D Printed PETG - super strong, 2K paint, 2K clear coat, silicone feet, RGB LED Lighting
  • Approximate dimensions: 9 3/4" width x 4 1/8" depth x 3 1/4" height  

    Fits most custom, legacy, and 3rd party sabers, based on the rounded holders and spacing. Savi saber shown for reference. No saber is included.


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