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Why 3D Printing?

Creative Graphics Group has long been involved in 3D content creation through various modeling, rendering, and animation tools since the 1990's. We are happy to be involved in 3D printing, which is the ultimate gratification of any 3D model. Being able to take your virtual model and hold it in your hands is simply amazing.

The time is right!

Consumer-level "additive manufacturing" (aka, 3D printing) was already set to increase into 2020. But, with the entry of highly effective / low-cost printer availability, the desire to print COVID-19 related masks and related materials, and the fact that most people are now working from home and looking to invent and create new items, the industry has exceeded previous projections. (To the point where some manufacturers couldn't match supply to the demand of the times.)

We are taking this opportunity to pivot our resources, and focus on the gap that's been created by this shift:

Our mission is to build a community of the most talented individuals in the industry, teaching them so that they can avoid the typical frustration and steep learning curve that thousands before them had to endure, and empowering them to continuously improve their skills. 

Having experience in creating content for dozens of years across nearly every medium allows us to create learning resources and partnerships to help you learn in ways previously unavailable.

Not everyone learns the same way...

We deliver help no matter how you prefer to learn: reading step-by-step articles, watching videos, or instructor-led / hands-on.

We base all of our content on feedback from our community. If you have a need to learn something specific, let us know.

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