Star Wars Galaxy's Edge

I'm one of the millions who have been imagining an actual Star Wars land that I could visit, since 1977. No longer limited to action figures and plastic spaceships (however good that is for a child's imagination...), you can now enter a massive land that looks, feels, sounds, smells, and tastes like a galaxy far, far, away. I was lucky enough to view the land before it was absolutely flooded with people, which proved to be a bit easier for snapping some cool photos.

Please take a look through the images below to get a preview before you go. Leave comments and let us know what you think!


You'll find a huge selection of droids throughout the land. Some you can interact with. Some you can build yourself! 

Millennium Falcon

That "fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy" is really here! Let me tell you - it's huge. Not only that, but you get to try your odds piloting her through your own adventure.

First Order

Kylo Ren and his troopers roam the land. They're looking for Rey and any of her friends... 

Galaxy's Edge - Batuu

Batuu is home to some interesting types. Some friends, and some foes. Also, lots of cool ships, droids, and merchants. Don't try any Jedi mind tricks here, though...

Dok-Ondar's Den of Antiquities

It really must have taken him decades to get such a haul of fantastic stuff. Statues of famous Jedi and Sith, Yoda's light from Dagobah, and even light sabers! (Don't show the First Order troopers...)

Terry's Visit

I was fortunate enough to actually visit the 'Falcon...